Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I Cheyenne Nichols of My Little Sewing Blog do solemnly swear to.....well, kind of do the Made by Me March challenge presented by Zoe.

The problem is, most of my really cool made-by-me clothes are about 10 lbs too small, so I don't have a lot to show.  But my kids wear made-by-Mom (me) clothes every. single. day.  So if my clothes get boring, I'll just take pictures of them!

So here is day 1of Made by Me March.  My version of the Anita jeans which you will not see in further detail because I used inferior fabric and now there's a patch in a not-so-flattering place, but it's okay as long as I wear long shirts.

And a prototype of a top that may or may not be in my spring collection, but certain won't be in that color or fabric.  I like the style, but not the color or fabric.

Violet assured me that I would be cute if I posed like this.


  1. You are amazing! And always cute! I love you! I look forward to seeing all of your talent! HUGS!

  2. If I made the pledge I would wear . . . well . . . I would pretty much be naked for a whole month! I'm so proud of you!

  3. Way to go Cheyenne! Great job posing Mom, Violet, definitely still a cute look for her! :)