Monday, March 7, 2011

Violet's skirt

Made by Me March is helping me to realize several things
1.  I'm way too busy to post every day
2.  I wear the same clothes every single week with very little variation.  I just don't have a lot of clothes.
3.  Boy do I need to lose some weight!

I was sick for 2 months, then okay for 2 month and then sick again for 2 months.  All I could do was sit around, eat and take pain pills that made me fall asleep.  My new years resolution it to lose 30 pounds which will get me back to where I was when I got pregnant with Willow 9 years ago.  I plan to make healthy choices and lifestyle changes and lose the weight in a healthy and not-obsessive way.  I've packed up all my too-small clothing by size so that every time I get to the 10 pound mark I can open a box and have clothes that will fit me, instead of having a closet loaded with things that won't fit.  The problem is, in the meantime, I have hardly any clothes!

So yes, losing weight is a health thing and a vanity thing, but it's also a logical thing.  If I lose weight, I don't have to do laundry so often!

Anyway, here's Violet in her MMM outfit for yesterday.  I took this adult skirt pattern, sized it down for skinny-mini, and added an underskirt.

It was a big hit in primary yesterday!  Click to see the details better.

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  1. I love this sassy girl! The skirt is adorable--and she obviously feels pretty in it. Good job, Mom!