Saturday, October 11, 2008

I just gotta say...

I love this shop! It's called Little Diva and you can find it here. I love her colors. I love her style. I love her pictures. And I LOVE her little model!! She is just so cute! Almost as cute as my girls :P

Darn, I was hoping that picture would be bigger. I guess now you'll just have to go look at her shop *wink*

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I spent this last weekend with my booth at a craft show-slash-flea market. It was a very nice flea market really, all the antiques were very nice and there was jewelry and home decor. There was really only one or two booths with just junk.
However, business was really slow and I only sold one item, not even enough to pay for my booth. I'm kinda bummed about that, BUT, it was a good learning experience and I had a lot of fun.

I learned that:
  • Being away from home for three days in a row is just too much for my family. My primary responsibility is and should be at home with my family. Even though the girls were in the booth with me on Friday and home with Daddy on Saturday and for two whole hours on Sunday, it was just too much for them, and so we were all stressed and cranky by the time it was over. That's most important thing I learned. I think I'll wait a couple of years before I try this again.
  • I actually had a display that looked really good! I've done craft shows in the past, and my booth has looked fine, but this time it looked really good!
  • I miss having co-workers. There were two ladies there with booths on either side of me that were just so much fun! I spent most of the weekend laughing!
  • And lastly, paper clips do not make good display hangers.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Aaarrrggggghh!! Computer problems!

Do you see the frustration in my title? I feel it I tell ya'!

First off, the desktop decided to spontaneously combust. Nothing was working. My sweetie is a computer genius or all would be lost. He managed to get all our info and family picture and financial records and pretty much our whole life off the desk top and onto the laptop a little at a time with a thumb drive. Then he dropped a screw. I was being helpful and went behind the chair to get it, completely forgetting that the laptop was on the chair!!!!
Yeah, it fell and now it's kinda toast.
My sweetie managed to wipe everything off the desktop and start over and get everything off the laptop and onto the desktop, but he's worked and worked and can't seem to make that silly (I'm thinking of a stronger word, but I won't say it) laptop to work.
Well, the laptop is what I do my embroidery on, so we tried to install the embroidery software on the desktop. No dice. The software is written for a 32 bit processor and the desktop is a 64 bit. After much searching, calling Singer and cursing we have found that we're just out of luck. There are no patches, nothing we can do to make the embroidery machine play nice with the desktop.

I need a brick wall to bang my head on.