Thursday, October 2, 2008

Aaarrrggggghh!! Computer problems!

Do you see the frustration in my title? I feel it I tell ya'!

First off, the desktop decided to spontaneously combust. Nothing was working. My sweetie is a computer genius or all would be lost. He managed to get all our info and family picture and financial records and pretty much our whole life off the desk top and onto the laptop a little at a time with a thumb drive. Then he dropped a screw. I was being helpful and went behind the chair to get it, completely forgetting that the laptop was on the chair!!!!
Yeah, it fell and now it's kinda toast.
My sweetie managed to wipe everything off the desktop and start over and get everything off the laptop and onto the desktop, but he's worked and worked and can't seem to make that silly (I'm thinking of a stronger word, but I won't say it) laptop to work.
Well, the laptop is what I do my embroidery on, so we tried to install the embroidery software on the desktop. No dice. The software is written for a 32 bit processor and the desktop is a 64 bit. After much searching, calling Singer and cursing we have found that we're just out of luck. There are no patches, nothing we can do to make the embroidery machine play nice with the desktop.

I need a brick wall to bang my head on.

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