Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dolls and things

Willow is a girly girl, and as such she loves dolls. She insisted on making this doll for her little friend Lilly's birthday party earlier this month. She picked the pattern and all the fabrics, I sewed it and she turned the arms and legs and stuffed them. It was a big hit.

I made these for my girls for Christmas. As you can see, Violet had a fascination with her doll's mouth (left). I may have to replace later. I think they're beautiful dolls, but Violet is indifferent and Willow doesn't like her's. She thinks it should have black wavy hair like Charlotte from Little house in the big woods. Oh well.

My old chair cover wore out, so I made a new one. Here's the chair before. Thank goodness it had a cover. Yuck.

Here's with the new cover. Much better don't you think?


  1. I think the dolls are lovely and the chair is very nicely done. Congrats on both.

  2. You and Willow have done such a wonderful job on the doll! Thanks for trying out my pattern - hope to see more :-)

  3. I love the dolls for your girls!! I want to make one for Evie. Please let me know where you got the pattern!!

  4. Thanks everyone :)
    Kris, the pattern is one a friend gave me when she moved and it's really old, so I thinks it's discontinued. I can trace it and mail it to you if you want. Just let me know.

  5. The first doll was so cute. The little girl must be happy she has a doll like that. Its so cute.