Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm going to talk like a Mormon for a minute

So my coat, right?  Oh my freaking heck! (that's mormon swearing)

I've used a lot of printable patterns.  Most of them are perfectly fine to lay out and tape.  Some are tricky.  This one was nearly impossible!!  First of all, there were 57 (!) pages.  With that many you know there's going to be a mistake somewhere.  Then, the edges and overlap were not clearly marked.  At all.

Plus, there are no notches or markings at all except for 1 notch on the top of the sleeve.

When I finally got all 57 pages just right and taped together, I had to go over each pattern piece to make sure it was actually correct, and then alter each pattern piece.  Sherry gives some great tips for altering and checking patterns.  I already knew most of it, but the stuff I did pick up was priceless.
Anyway, I shortened the tail, lengthened the waist

and the sleeves, added pockets, added vents to the sleeves, and changed the collar just a little.

It's going to be so stinkin' cute, I can hardly wait

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