Thursday, April 3, 2008


Here is the skirt mentioned here.

I went shopping at Kohls and they had racks and racks of winter clearance at 80%! WooHoo! I found this cute red sweater for $5.10, but I had nothing to wear with it. I searched all over, but there were about 4 skirts in the whole store and 3 of them were too short. Then I went to Fashion bug, but no luck there either.
After long last and two cranky kids who did not want to be shoved in a dressing room again I went to Hancocks and found the perfect fabric.

I used this tutorial for a wrap skirt ( here and here). It took 1 hour and 8 minutes including cutting and making the girls some toast in the middle. And best of all, it cost $10 to make. :D

I have some red shoes that match perfectly, but this picture was taken on Sunday, and it had just snowed 18 inches, so I wore boots.


  1. I love that you timed it exactly! LOL! It looks terrific on you. What a great project that took very little time and looks fantastic too!

  2. Love the skirt! I really love the length you made it, too. Now I'm inspired to make my own.

  3. I love the skirt! When I am done being pregnant I am going to make one or 4 for myself! are getting really skinny, by the way! You look great!