Saturday, January 19, 2008

Embroidery Contest!

Well, it's cloudy again and I can't show off my projects, so I want to see yours. We'll have a contest! I want to see how many people actually read my blog, I want to participate in Sew Mama Sew's contest swap, and I just got my new embroidery machine, so that's what I'm into right now and I could use some really great embroidery ideas.

Here are the official rules:
  • The item has to be embroidered. It could new or vintage, it could be done by hand or machine, it doesn't matter as long as it's embroidered.
  • All entries must be in by Feb 4, 2008. That gives you two weeks.
  • All entries will be judged on Feb 4th and the winner will get a prize that has yet to be determined. I dunno, maybe an embroidered purse or a Valentine item.
  • Email your entry with pictures to willowsmama1 @ yahoo . com. By sending pictures you give me permission to post them on my blog.
Let the Great Embroidery Contest begin!


  1. Good luck with the contest! It sounds fun! Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is cute too! Love the little helper :) Mine don't sew they just unthread the machine! URGG! :)

  2. I would so enter your contest if I did any embroidery whatsoever! I don't think I have embroidered a single thing since I was like 13 years old! I love your machine, though! As soon as I get my new house, my own sewing room and my serger, I am getting an embroidery machine ( soon as I have the money for it!). Good luck with the contest!

  3. What about your embroidered wedding cakes? Okay so maybe that wouldn't quite fit into the contest....