Monday, January 23, 2012

Super Violet

We don't get TV.  I do let my kids watch educational cartoons on the internet though.  My personal favorite is Word Girl.  Word Girl and her trusty sidekick, Captain Huggy Face, go around saving the city with her amazing grammar and vocabulary.  Some of the villains are The Butcher, who likes meat and butchers the English language, The Birthday Girl, Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy, and my favorite, Lady Redundant Woman.

We also have Netflix which we download with the wii so we can watch on our regular TV.  One of the girls' favorite is Myth Busters, who have done at least a couple of super hero episodes.

Between these 2 shows Violet has become obsessed with super heroes.  She keeps drawing pictures of her super outfit for me to make for her that always include ruffly skirts, masks, crowns and capes covered in stars.


Personally, I'm not going to spend hours sewing things that I won't let my kids wear in public, but Violet needed a shirt and I wanted to make her feel special, so I came up with this toned down version.

She of course was thrilled and wears it to school every time it's clean.  Now I just need to convince her that I AM NOT going to make everything on her list!

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  1. That's a good compromise. I would have loved a shirt like that too at her age.