Saturday, October 15, 2011


I always used to hate fall when I lived way up north.  I felt like everything was dying before the snow came.  It was muddy and ugly and I hated it.

Now here in southern Oregon I love it!  It's like all the trees are blooming and showing off their finery just like the flowers do in the spring.  The air is crisp and cool.  The flowers and weeds are continuing their life cycle instead of just dying.

Willow and I found this nifty weed on our walk the other day.  I put it in an old milk bottle with some lavender buds from right outside our door and a little bird that I made last fall, from this tutorial.

Who knew fall could be so lovely?

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  1. I agree! Fall is amazing here!!

    PS: Those were always my favorite autumn plant as a kid. Here's some info for you.