Monday, September 7, 2009

On Saturday I had a booth at our local farmer's market and it was awesome! My best market yet! It's funny though, if I hadn't sold so much all the problems would have made it miserable!
First I couldn't find a piece of my canopy, so I didn't set it up. But that turned out to be good because the wind was awful! I'm sure it would have blown the canopy across the park and into the creek! As it was all my signs and dolls were blowing all over the place. Even the table was trying to jump away.
Then it rained. Okay, only 4 drops, but enough to make me panick and start putting stuff away, which I then had to get back out again when it stopped.
Then a sweet little autistic boy came over and broke my umbrella, danced with my mannequin and re-arranged my entire booth. He said it looked much better now, just like wal-mart.
But all in all it was great. Good sales, good contacts, lots of fun.

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