Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This is why

This is why I've been away so long. My little sister got married last Friday. The whole month of June was a whirlwind!

I got to make the engagement dress and take the engagement pictures, which was great fun.

And do the bridal shower, which I didn't get pictures of, but it turned out great. I even made a cheese ball :)

I made dresses for my girls.

And helped make the invitations, which were beautiful and done scrapbook style, so they took FOREVER.

And hemmed the groom's pants and put the patches on his new jacket. My hubby is on the left, my brother is on the right.

And had my sweet wonderful pregnant cousin come stay with me. She did Tori's hair and photography. You can see all the pictures on her site.

All that work, and my hair looks awful. I guess I was sweating too much.

Oh yeah, and I did her bouquet! Is that a good enough excuse for not blogging in weeks? I think so.


  1. Yep, I think that's a good enough excuse. That lot would have taken me much longer than a month to accomplish!

    Is she going to name her first born after you, after all that??

  2. No, but I think she does owe me free babysitting for the next 10 years or so!