Monday, May 19, 2008


I'm so discouraged. I haven't had a real sale in a month. I thought my dolls were great, but I've only sold one and traded one. Both customers were very happy though, so that's good. Still, I thought they'd be a bigger hit.
I like my shop. I think I take pretty good pictures, I know they need work, but they're decent. I've learned a lot. I try really hard. Still nothing.

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I'm thinking of giving up. I was going to do farmer's market and other craft shows, but I don't want to waste my time and money if my stuff is junk. *sigh*


  1. Your post made me sad! I'm mostly a lurker around here but I do enjoy your blog and looking at your creations. I would hate to see you give up - your stuff is not junk! Marketing a product is hard work though, and can be discouraging. I have a feeling craft fairs and markets would be a good thing, so people can interact with you and the goods in person. Good luck, and I hope you keep on. I'm too broke to be shopping right now, but your things are beautiful and made with love.

  2. Your things don't look like junk at all. I don't know much about etsy, but you do seem to have to put in specific search terms or you end up having to wade through hundreds of results. I don't really see how people get their things noticed, unless someone searches with exactly the right terms. With a craft fair, at least people will be browsing and might go home with something that they didn't realise they were looking for.

    Then again, people could be just like me: our rebate from the Govt is going straight to our local auto shop to repair my husband's car... ouch.

  3. Don't give up. I see on etsy you've only been there through December, so not through holiday season. I just started selling recently (well listing stuff, I haven't sold anything yet at all), but have been around since 2006. Your stuff looks great, you do take fabulous photos. I think even people who have historically high sales are seeing a slump.

    hang in there.